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Affordable and easy to use. It’s the highest quality contract proofing software.


Everything you do need, nothing that you don’t. ProofMaster is the most affordable high-quality contract proofing software on the market today.

Click, click, click. Anyone can use ProofMaster’s 3-click wizards.

In no time at all, you’ll be creating device-linked proofing profiles that give you the confidence to print the right color, first time. Every time.

ProofMaster comes in two flavors: ProofMaster (for CMYK device-link profiles), and ProofMaster Plus (for multi-channel device-link profiles).

It doesn’t matter where you’re working, your print devices might be 10 metres away or 10,000 miles away. ProofMaster’s device-calibration lets you close-loop calibrate any two or more devices to a single profile. 

Both versions of ProofMaster use our VISU color-profiling engine. And when you add iterative profile tuning, proof certification functions, and CxF/X-3 spot color libraries to the mix … you’re onto a winner.

Download our ProofMaster brochure

Download our ProofMaster brochure

Why use ProofMaster? 

Better quality

  • Our competitors try to deliver the same results – but you can put us to the test. We believe our color engine is unbeatable.
  • ProofMaster’s paper white point simulation matches press production so closely, you have to see it to believe it.
  • And ProofMaster delivers incredibly accurate reproductions of greys, subtle colors, vivid and precise Pantones© and spot colors.

Better proofing

  • All PDF standards (GWG, PDF-x4…)
  • ISO Color standardized output
  • CMYK profiles for bespoke fingerprinting 
  • Multi-channel profiles for extended gamut printing, proofing and packaging (ProofMaster Plus)
  • Supports an even wider range of printer and substrate combinations (ProofMaster Plus)

Better processes

  • ProofMaster is easy to use contract proofing software – anyone can calibrate and fine-tune with ease.
  • Your proofing accuracy will go up, and so will your productivity.
  • Create CMYK and multi-channel ICC soft-proofing and separation profiles for use in Adobe and other pre-press applications.
  • Use ProofMaster Layout – start nesting and tiling with ease, but also maintain total control over the finished results.